Our Classes

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Beyond Flow

Our flow class features a mindful and dynamic physical yoga practice. This class will incorporate breath and movement at a steady pace, think out-of-the-box vinyasa! Every class is different but you can be assured that you will leave inspired and rejuvenated. We recommend some yoga experience for this class.

In-studio and livestream option available.


Beyond Mellow

This class is the perfect bridge for those times when you want more movement than yin and less effort than flow. Each class will include some longer held floor-based postures alongside gentle flow. Mellow is a fantastic yoga class for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike.

In-studio and livestream option available.



In our Pilates class, you will explore the foundations of core stability and function using key Pilates principles. You'll explore controlled Pilates movements, usually between 8-10 repetitions, focusing on specific muscles and their function to create core stability and movement efficiencies. All this to engage the body in a functional way to support everyday life. Pilates will be a great complement to your yoga practice!

In-studio and livestream option available.

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Mums & Bubs/Postnatal Yoga

These postnatal yoga classes are designed to support mums to have a space to practice yoga, rest and restore. Each session provides time to connect with your baby, yourself and other mums. 

These classes run Tuesdays 11am with the school term and can be booked as a full term or as drop in.

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Beyond Yin

A slower paced yoga class with mainly floor-based poses that are held for longer periods of time. Using props to help support our bodies, our aim is to release tension in your muscles and fascia. This is a great class for beginners or looking for a deeply relaxing and restorative practice.

In-studio and livestream option available.

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Kinstretch is a mobility class based on the principles of Functional Range Conditioning - a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and usable ranges of motion. Each class takes you through a variety of mobility drills that focus on expanding and strengthening your joints’ range of motion.

In-studio and livestream option available.


Prenatal Yoga

Every pregnancy is different and magical and our Prenatal Yoga class is about cherishing this wonderful journey. It is expertly designed to improve your physical and mental wellness during pregnancy, as well as help prepare you for birth and postpartum.

These classes run Thursdays 7:30pm with the school term and can be booked as a full term or as drop in. In-studio and livestream option available.