Our Teachers

Meet the Beyond Yoga teachers! While we all have our own individual teaching flavour, our passion for movement unites us. Each of us has studied anatomy, movement and yoga extensively and we look forward to guiding you through an embodied and nourishing practice.

Keen to work with us one-on-one? All of our teachers offer private sessions, where we can offer movement assessments and a tailor-made class to suit your individual needs. Private sessions can be book here.

Samantha Rozitis
Founder, Beyond Yoga
RYT 500, E-RYT 200
CrossFit L1
FMS-L1, FRCms, Kinstretch 

Samantha takes a multidisciplinary approach to yoga, intelligently weaving together anatomy, philosophy and movement. Her intention is to leave you with the feeling that your practice made sense in your body.

Samantha has been teaching yoga since 2013 and also facilitates yoga teacher trainings for new and advanced teachers.

Jemma Jeffs
200-Hour Teacher Training
350-Hour Advanced Teacher Training
Rainbow Kids Yoga Training

Jemma is passionate about making a yoga practice accessible to absolutely everyone.

Her deep interest in exploring the inner subtle layers of the body, as well as her experience in trauma-based yoga has enabled her to share her skills in many different pockets of the community, including rehabilitation units, psychiatric wards and prisons.

Emma Hough
200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Working toward 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training & Pilates Training

Emma enjoys teaching yoga and all that its offers for the body, breath and mind: Yin for its calmness and softness it brings and Yang for flow that dances with the breath in meditative movement. Emma is also interested in how Pilates can support yoga with a functional approach to movement and breathwork from a clinical perspective. ⠀

Kirsten Ruch
200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Working toward 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

For Kirsten, how you move and what you think affects how you experience life and yoga provides her with this anchor. In her teaching, she encourages awareness around how you breath, and brings awareness to both strengthening and lengthening the body. Kirsten teaches resilience and calm on the mat, allowing you to cope with whatever life throws your way.

Beyond Yoga 21-9.jpg
Bridie Munro
200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Bachelor of Health Sciences in Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy

​Bridie is interested in prioritising the nervous system and has also done study in Pain Science & Graded Motor Imagery, DermoNeuroModulating  and Mobilisation of the Neuroimmune System.

Bridie’s goal in every class is to empower you to understand, explore and love the body you’re in, just as it is. Once it’s seen how whole and perfect each one of us is in all our mess and chaos, evolution is inevitable.

Beyond Yoga 21-22.jpg
Katie Low
500-Hour Advanced Teacher Training
150-Hour Advanced Teacher Training
Seedling Education Children's Yoga Teacher
Pilates Instructor 

Katie’s classes provide a space to move, express yourself, be vulnerable and make mistakes. She is passionate creating fun and intelligent sequences that build strength and flexibility in body and mind. Allowing you to discover the sheer joy of moving your own unique body with curiosity and creativity.


Katie is an advocate for prioritising mental health and creates a safe space for you to become aware of how you feel, and to accept and process emotions. So that you can leave feeling empowered, resilient and connected.

A  (2).jpg
Emma Chen
200-Hour Teacher Training
Pre- & Postnatal Yoga Training
Kids Yoga Training

Emma is a certified specialist in Pre- & Postnatal Yoga and Kids Yoga.

Rita McNamara
200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Working toward 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Rita's teaching invites students to unite with their own inner guide. She builds anatomy-informed sequences that weave together meditative awareness and compassionate acceptance of here and now. Each class is built on the foundation that this is your body and your practice, offering space to explore your edges in the way that nourishes body, mind and spirit.