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Welcome to Beyond Yoga, a gateway to your yoga journey! If you are new to yoga, you are in the right place. We believe that everyone can benefit from yoga, no matter their age, fitness level, or experience. Our community is built on a commitment to making yoga accessible to all.

Dive in with our Intro 1-Week Unlimited membership, crafted especially for newcomers. Enjoy unlimited access to our diverse range of class styles and teachers, Your mat is waiting—let's embark on this journey together!

  • I have never done yoga before. What class should I attend?
    We cater to all levels of experience, so you are welcome to come along to any of the classes, depending on how much movement you are seeking. We do however usually recommend attending Yin or Mellow Yoga classes to start off with, due to their slower pace. Yin is all floor-based postures and consists of long-held poses (3-5 minutes each). This class is very slow and relaxing, and a great way to stretch and increase flexibility in your muscles and joints. Mellow has more movement than Yin and includes some gentle flowing poses, standing poses and relaxing floor poses. It's a great class for those new to yoga and will involve both stability and stretching.
  • What do I bring with me?
    For your yoga practice, we recommend bringing a water bottle, a yoga mat, and wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement. If you don't have a mat, we provide studio mats free of charge. We are equipped with all the props/equipment you will need for your class. Most importantly, bring an open mind and a positive attitude!
  • I have an injury/physical condition that limits my movement. Can I still attend classes at Beyond Yoga?
    Absolutely! Our instructors are trained to provide modifications and offer variations to accommodate various fitness levels and physical conditions. Please inform your instructor about your injury or condition before the class, so they can guide you appropriately. Yoga can be adapted to suit individual needs, and our goal is to create a safe and inclusive environment for everyone. If you have specific concerns, feel free to reach out to us beforehand to discuss how we can best support you.
  • Is there a specific etiquette I should follow in the studio?
    To ensure a harmonious environment, we ask that you arrive on time (the studio opens 15 minutes before class), leave your phone and shoes outside the studio, and refraining from having conversations in the studio before the class starts. If you need to leave the studio at any time, please do so quietly as not to disrupt the class.
  • What if I'm not flexible? Can I still do yoga?
    Absolutely! Yoga is not about being flexible; it's about the journey of self-discovery and improvement. Our classes cater to all levels, and instructors offer modifications to accommodate different levels of flexibility. Plus, yoga is a great way to improve your range of motion.
  • What if I can't do a particular pose?
    No worries! Yoga is about listening to your body and finding what feels right for you. If a pose doesn't feel comfortable, your instructor will provide alternatives or modifications. Feel free to ask for assistance during the class.
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